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T-Shirt Quilt Info & Ordering

T-shirt quilts are a cozy keepsake made from your memories. Each quilt is a unique work of art and thoughtful gift!

T-Shirt Quilt

Our Quilts

  • Each shirt is cut to a size that suits its graphic. We call this a mosaic layout, but it's also called a collage layout.
  • Our quilts are fully machine quilted. This means there is stitching across the whole quilt through all 3 layers, making it durable and machine washable. A t-shirt blanket without quilting will fall apart relatively quickly.
  • We have both traditional and soft fabric choices for the back of the quilts, and only offer the best quality fabric.

Our Process

  • The price and finished size of your quilt are determined by the shirts/material that you provide.
  • You don’t need to send us a specific number of shirts. We are flexible. Send us the garments that have meaning, and we’ll make a custom layout from those, no matter the number.
  • Before we start sewing, we'll send you a layout proof for your approval.
  • We do all the cutting and designing. We just need to know which side of each shirt you want used.
  • You can ship your shirts to us or drop them off at our shop in Louisville, Kentucky.
Feel free to call or text at 502.305.5288 if you have any questions!

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Do you live in or around Louisville, KY? You can drop off your order in person! Click the button below to make an appointment.

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1) Sort Your Shirts

Shirts sorted into piles and labeled

2) Get Your Shirts to Us

  • We’ll let you know as soon as they arrive.
  • You can also drop your order off at our Louisville location
Shirts boxed up being sent

3) Sit Back and Relax

  • Turnaround time is usually 4-6 weeks.
  • We’ll let you know when your t-shirt quilt is shipped or ready for pickup!
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T-Shirt Quilt Pricing & Ordering


T-Shirt Quilt
A “shirt side” is just what it sounds like – the front or back of a shirt. So, the front & back of a shirt counts as 2 shirt sides.
$125 Base + $9 per Shirt Side
Picture Square / Embroidery
Send us a digital image, and we can have it printed onto fabric and put it in your quilt. We can also embroider text (price varies per line & length).
Soft Microfleece Backing
Replace the quilter's cotton on the back of your t-shirt with a high quality soft microfleece.
+$1 per Shirt Side
Extra Work Sides
This covers the extra work required for shirt sides that require custom piecing, backing, etc. NOTE: First 3 free!

Approx. Sizes & Prices

REMEMBER: This is only an approximate guide based off average shirt graphic size.

Our goal is to preserve memories as unique pieces of art.

We recommend not focusing too much on finished quilt size. Instead, use the shirts that have meaning and let the quilt be the size it naturally wants to be.

Lap (12 – 15 shirt sides) 233 – 260
Throw (16 – 27 shirt sides) 269 – 368
Twin (28 – 35 shirt sides) 377 – 440
Full / Queen (36 – 49 shirt sides) 449 – 566
King (50+ shirt sides) 575+

*Taxes may apply. This is the total cost and your deposit will be deducted from it.

Front & Back of T-Shirt Quilt


Click or tap on a question for more information.

At least five. The size of the quilt is determined by the number of shirt sides that are provided. We recommend that you focus only on using the shirts that have meaning and let it be whatever size it organically turns out to be. This also makes the process simpler for you.

We can use any fabric or article of clothing!

The front or back of a shirt. So, you can usually get up to 2 shirt sides from a shirt (the front & the back). We also call miscellaneous pieces “shirt sides” for pricing purposes, such as a sleeve, a handkerchief or pair of pants.

Our turnaround is currently up to 6 weeks, but we can always work with you to get it done sooner. If your quilt is for a graduation or Christmas gift, please get it to us as soon as possible to minimize stress and late fees. We may even need to stop accepting orders during these periods due to high demand.

No, please provide us the whole shirt. If you’ve already cut them, we can still work with them but pre-cut shirt sides might incur a fee per pre-cut item to account for the extra labor and material needed to make them usable.

No, the end result is much better without it. Stabilizer is uncomfortably stiff at first, and then breaks down and balls up over time.

By default we will design the quilt for you and balance the colors as evenly as we can throughout the quilt. If you have a specific design in mind, please let us know when you order it and send us a photo of the layout if possible. That said, we usually prefer it be left to us! Before we start sewing, however, we will send you a layout proof for your approval.

Wash them, sort them based on what side you want, choose a color, and you’re done!
Click Here for Full Prep Instructions

You can view our order page here. Leave a deposit for your order, get us your shirts, and we’ll send an invoice for the balance before we ship. If you’re near Louisville, feel free to drop your shirts off in person by scheduling an appointment. Or, if you are simply too busy, you can even schedule a pickup, and we’ll come get it!

We will cut a square or rectangle from the side of the garment you designate (ideally by following our prep steps).

We use our best judgement to choose a usable size capturing the complete design element, ideally with an inch or two of blank space around the design and no cropping.

Some shirts may require extra work for a large variety of possible reasons, which can incur extra fees. Some examples include filling in the arm sleeves of a tank top so that we can fill out a full square to cut, or backing jerseys with another layer of material.

We only put the shirts on the front of the quilt and use high-quality fabric on the back. A quilt with shirts on the back cannot be machine quilted and tends to look sloppy.

When you order your quilt, simply indicate what you’d like embroidered (exactly as you’d like to see it). Font choices can be viewed here. Price is determined by the number of words and size, usually between $20-$30.

Yes, but we have found that one design works far better than the rest for t-shirt quilts. While other designs may seem good on paper, in practice our standard design is the least distracting in person and least likely to wrinkle the stretchy t-shirt fabric. Some may prefer to have no visible stitching across their shirts. This is very understandable but often results in saggy and dumpy looking quilts. This effect will be most visible in person and not in pictures (where a blanket may have been neatly spread out for presentation).

Yes. Please contact us beforehand to make sure you have enough fabric for the size of your quilt. There may be extra labor billed if your provided fabric requires it.

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Why choose Happy Dance Quilting?

Quality and Value

We've put a lot of thought into our process so that it can deliver the best value possible. This allows us to offer fully machine quilted mosaic/collage layouts with high quality fabric at a truly unbeatable price. An efficient process also allows us to get your quilt back to you quickly, even during rush seasons, while providing you with updates at each step of the process.

We don't need to use interfacing on shirts in order to piece them. This means there is not a stiff (and expensive) layer of stabilizer inside our quilts. We've also tested all of our materials for color fastness to ensure they don't bleed in the wash. Together with the machine quilting stitch, this makes the quilt strong and machine-washable.

Lastly, we've honed our ordering process to keep things as effortless as possible for you. We do all the cutting and layout work and only require minimal instruction from you on which side of each garment to use before we get started and handle the rest!

A Brand You Can Trust

Having a t-shirt quilt made is exciting, but it can also be a little scary. Your shirts, jerseys and other pieces of clothing are irreplaceable: what if something happens? We work to take all the risk out of having a t-shirt blanket made. We don’t ask you to cut your own shirts or choose a layout. That’s what we’re here for!

Plus, you can come to our shop in Louisville, Kentucky to drop off your shirts. You will have a one-on-one consultation with one of our quilting experts who will walk you through the process, help you make any choices and give you peace of mind that your keepsakes are in good hands.

A Company Fueled by Doing Good

Feel good about your decision to choose a Happy Dance Quilting t-shirt quilt: not only are you reducing your environmental impact by giving clothes new life, but you’re supporting a socially conscious business with strong community ties. We strive to create a vibrant, engaging workplace where people from all walks of life feel welcome, and where our craftspeople are fairly compensated for their work.

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