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Memorial Quilt: Gone, but not forgotten

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Keeping Memories Close

A memorial quilt is the most important and special type of tshirt quilt we make. Losing a family member is such an overwhelming and grief-filled event, and often, getting rid of their clothes can be a fraught experience. Instead of donating all their clothing, you can memorialize a loved one with a memorial quilt. This allows you to keep them close and honor their memory, a remembrance to last a lifetime.

With options like photo squares, custom print embroidery and more, we can make a t-shirt quilt for you that truly showcases your loved one’s life and memories.

Often with memorial quilts, you’ll want to include many types of clothing, not just t-shirts. It’s comforting to include the clothes that your loved one wore all the time! We can work with any material: blouses, button-down shirts, pants, and more. If we can put a needle through it, it can be included in your quilt.

Every time you cozy up in a memorial quilt, you keep that loved one close to your heart.