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Order Longarm Quilting

Order Longarm Quilting

The first step is to choose your options and leave a $55 deposit, then send us your quilt top. We'll send an invoice for the balance when it's done.

For a price estimate, click the drop-down below.

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Longarm Quilting Pattern

Choose Pattern

Chosen: None. Please click the button above to choose a pattern.

Quilting Density

How dense / tight should the quilting pattern be? We recommend Dense for intricately pieced and/or crib quilts.

Inner Batting

Choose the batting that will be inside of the quilt.

Backing Fabric

Who is providing the fabric that will go on the back of the quilt?

Provided backing fabric must be at least 8" larger per dimension (4" per side). Ex: 50x60 quilt top, 58x68 backing or larger.

We can piece your backing for $9.95 per seam.


Should we "finish" the quilt with a separate strip of binding?

Due Date

Do you need to have this quilt in hand by a specific date?


If you have any notes for us, leave them here:

Deposit: $55.00

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