Mask Making Project

The CDC is now recommending that people wear cloth masks while in public. Since t-shirt material is one of the best materials to use in homemade masks, and we have a lot of t-shirt material on hand, we’ve launched the Happy Scrappy Mask Project!

Disclaimer: Wearing a mask is not a guarantee against contracting COVID-19. We make no promises that masks made from our kits will prevent the wearer from getting sick. Masks are only better than nothing!

Free Mask Kits

We’re assembling kits that have everything you need to make 3 masks. Why 3? So that each person who takes a kit will have enough masks for a clean one, a dirty one, and one to spare or share.

The kits are totally free, but please only take as many as you need for you and your family.

If you are a sewer and want to make masks in bulk, contact us and we’ll gather materials for you! Click here to contact

How do I get a mask kit?

Kits are available for pick up with no in-person contact in our vestibule Monday through Saturday from noon until 5 PM.

Our address:

Happy Dance Quilting
650 S Shelby St
Louisville, KY 40202

If you can’t come by during that time, reach out to us and we’ll work something out!

How do I make my masks?

We’ve created easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on our Mask Making Instructions page! Click here to view.

You can also download our free PDF of those same instructions for easy printing. Click here to download.

How do I wear my mask?

Wearing your mask properly and following correct cleanliness procedures makes a big difference in the effectiveness of wearing masks!

Alternate way to tie your mask: If you can’t get the bottom of your mask to fit snugly under your chin, hook the bottom ties above your ears (like you did with the top ties) and tie at the crown of your head.

How should I wash my mask?

AVOID TOUCHING YOUR FACE with or without the mask. If you do, immediately and thoroughly wash your hands.

When you first get home, wash your hands, then remove your mask. If you’re not going to wash it right away, keep it in a bag that can be washed or is disposable, separate from other items. It’s good practice to do this with your clothes as well.

Wash your mask in warm or hot water (above 80°F) with soap and dry completely in the dryer. This ensures the virus is killed on the mask.

What filter should I use in my mask?

Mask filters should only be used once!

If you choose to use a filter in your mask, buy furnace filters that have a MERV 13 rating. These can filter out viruses while still being breathable.

Though expensive, one furnace filter can make many, many mask filters.

Flatten the filter accordion and cut into rectangles that can fit in your mask.

How can I help?

I know how to sew and want to make masks: Contact us and we’ll gather the materials you need! Click here to contact.

I can’t / don’t have time to sew, but still want to help! Thank you very much! Unfortunately, we aren’t set up to accept donations at this time.

The best way all of us can help is to stay home and wash our hands!

I’ve made a lot of masks. What do I do with them?

Assuming you’ve already given masks to all your friends and family, there are a few other avenues for mask donation!

Click here for a filterable list of facilities requesting masks

#SewTOGETHER by tieks. Tieks is giving $50 and $100 gift cards to anyone who makes 25 or 100+ masks! They have some guidelines as to how to prove your donation, so check out their site by clicking here.

Can I choose what color fabrics are in my mask kit?

Unfortunately, we’re not offering color choices at this time. We assemble and bag the kits with a variety of colors and want to minimize the number of people handling the items.