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Batting: The Unseen Hero of Your Quilt

Batting adds a subtle third dimension to your quilt, giving your quilt top just enough loft to stop it from looking saggy and wrinkly. As with so many things in quilting, you have a few options when it comes to batting! We’ll talk all about batting and go over your most common choices today. Why […]

Quilting Density Demystified

There are so many choices when it comes to quilt making. From the quilt top, to the fabrics you’ll use in it, to the internal batting and the backing fabric. One of the final choices you’ll make is what quilting pattern to use! But did you know there’s one more layer to the quilting pattern […]

Prep Your Quilt Top for Longarm Success

How can you make sure your quilt looks great once it’s been quilted? Longarm quilting secures the multiple layers of a quilt together with a strong, decorative design. This step is technically what makes a quilt top into a quilt! There are few things more exciting than seeing the quilt top you worked so hard […]