Welcome to Happy Dance Quilting!

We can turn your shirts into a quilt, pillowcase, and more! We are a small company of passionate quilters who can work with shirts and other fabrics to preserve your memories for generations to come. In addition, we offer long arm quilting services to traditional quilters. Please feel free to contact us for more information, or come visit us in Louisville, KY! We’re in the Highlands on Baxter Ave.

If you are just starting out with quilting and are interested in piecing your own traditional and modern quilt tops, we heartily suggest The Cozy Quilter for all of your fabric needs! Keep an eye on our events page for friendly meetups and sewing events.

It is perfect Justin! Thanks again. I even tested it out for napping… So warm! Keep up the great work. I’ll definitely be sharing your store:)

Allison J.

Happy dance quilting was awesome!!! They did an amazing job and I would use them again in a heart beat! Justin was very good at communicating with me about the quilt and I couldn’t be more ecstatic to use it!

Erin O.

Justin, thank you again so much for such a wonderful piece of artwork! It is getting RAVE reviews and I have given your card to two
co-workers so far! Hopefully you are not too swamped when I’m ready to have my next quilt made!

I wanted to share a picture of my goofy husband, needless to say he was THRILLED…so much so he was actually speechless…he could
only muster…WOW…WOW…OH WOW…THIS IS COOL for about 10 min!!

You are very talented and we are so very happy with our Jack Quilt!!! Thank you again!!

Lisa L.

My husband and I have been stashing away t-shirts for years with the plans of creating a t-shirt quilt. When Happy Dance Quilting opened their office across from my workplace, I was thrilled to have someone local to make the quilt. I took my shirts over, we discussed layout and fabric and it was ready in a couple weeks. I just picked it up today. It looks great! It is really well made. I am really excited about our t-shirt quilt and would highly recommend Happy Dance Quilting. Thank you!

Megan M.

They did an amazing job!! I have been waiting for a long time to make a tshirt quilt and finally there is a local place in Louisville that does it and for a great price! My boyfriend absolutely loves the quilt and says it’s the best present I’ve ever given to him.

Erin O.

Thank you for memorializing my mother in such a wonderful way! Your workmanship is well done and we love the way you arranged the t-shirts to create a beautiful blanket we can cuddle in and feel a little closer to Mom. It means more than you can possibly imagine! Quality product and service through and through. Justin, you’re the best!

Ann C.